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So even better news! If you decide to do an auto pay (pre-authorized payments), you can save an additional $2 every every single month! Oh and a bonus! If you contribute on our forums, you can earn upto a $20 credit each month! It’s so simple and it’s fun helping each other!

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Get the Best Public Mobile Plans and Discounts with Public Mobile Referrals

Public Mobile Review: Oh crap! You’re about to finish watching your favorite movie on Youtube, but it starts buffering.

No. Don’t blame the Wi-Fi signal. And your brother playing Mobile Legends isn’t also to blame either. When you check the SIM’s card’s balance, you’re surprised to see that there is no more data left.

Okay, don’t panic. Subscribe to a plan again, and you’re on the go to watch the movie. But then, a realization hits you.

“I spend big bucks to avail that plan, and now it’s gone.” That’s why you need the public mobile promo!

Yes, sad things happen like that, and other mobile and internet users face it too! Unfortunately, a subscriber would also need to pay for call and text promos. Do you wish to get better plans besides the one you’re using now?

Don’t worry!

Here’s the good news for mobile users out there – Public Mobile!

Mobile users love large data with call and text plans at an affordable price. Well, Public Mobile gives clients the best opportunity to avail public mobile plans they need. Canada mobile users would enjoy affordable plans for as low as $10.

Yes, you’re reading it right! From $10 to $60, mobile users can choose affordable plans that fit their preference and needs.

public mobile promotions

So, many mobile owners are wondering, “What can we get from these public mobile plans?”

  • Data at 3Gs speed
  • Bonus 500 MB
  • Talk Canada Wide
  • Unlitext and Unlicall
  • International Texts

Isn’t that amazing?

But wait – there’s more that Public Mobile could offer. Continue reading our public mobile review.

Public Mobile Referrals – Public Mobile Deals

People love to earn and get rewards.  The public mobile offer allows subscribers to earn when they refer to a friend.

It’s simple.

Users would earn $1 every 30 days as each friend they refer to Public Mobile enters the unique referral code. Then, their friend would also receive $10.  Clients would continue to earn rewards as long as their friends are active customers.

Also, public mobile referrals allow users to earn $3 if they’re on a 90-day plan.

Now, the problem is how mobile users refer to a friend?

It’s simple and hassle-free. Once your friend activates his or her SIM card, your friend needs to enter the referral code.

AutoPay Reward – Public Mobile Discount Code

Public Mobile offers the AutoPay Reward for its consistent active users. The AutoPay Reward gives mobile users a chance to earn, and they could grow their earnings depending on the plans they avail.

How does the AutoPay Reward works?

First, the mobile user needs to set up AutoPay, and the user receives $2 credit every 30 days. That doesn’t end there. For example, users who avail 90-day plans would receive $6 credit every 90 days.

Yes, the AutoPay Reward is one of the best Public Mobile offers mobile users can get from Public Mobile. I guess everyone wants to credit for the plan he or she has.

What if there’s another reward that offers more credit than you expect?

Is this possible?

Oh yes, and customers can get through the Community Reward. I know, you’re excited to avail this reward so here’s what many users can expect from it:

Community Reward

Customers can earn the Community Reward base on their involvement in the community. A client can earn up to $20 for 30 days. But, the reward a client can get depends on his or contribution level. The contribution will change each month if you’re a consistent contributor.

But, here’s the catch:

Mobile users can only qualify for a single Community Reward within 30 days. A user should act according to the Community Terms of Service all the time. So, you need to follow the rules and regulations of the community so that you avail the reward.

Loyalty Reward

For active Public Mobile users, there’s another surprising reward. An active Public Mobile subscriber has its perks, and it starts with the Loyalty Reward.

What can users can expect from the Loyalty Reward?

Members can receive the Loyalty Reward on the first plan renewal date. But, a member needs to be active to get the reward. Whether users have a 30-day or 90-day plan, rewards would continue to add. We do however suggest you first get our public mobile discount code before doing this so you can apply a massive credit on your account.

But remember the golden rule: A member needs to be active to avail the reward.

But, what if a member’s account is suspended for 60 days?

Members can expect a delay in the Loyalty Reward according to the number of days from the account’s suspension.

The solution is simple:

Public mobile members should be consistent in availing plans at Public Mobile. It pays off when you’re an active member. Public Mobile sees to it that members would have and enjoy the rewards intended to them.

If you plan to become a Public Mobile member, there’s one question that comes into your mind:

“How do I get started?”

But before you start, it’s for future members to know the things they need before they become Public Mobile members:

  • User’s preferred plan
  • Public Mobile SIM card
  • Payment Voucher
  • Credit Card

What if a mobile user doesn’t have a credit card?

No problem. Future members can buy a payment voucher at participating retailers if they don’t have a credit card.

It’s easy to become a Public Mobile member. Follow the simple steps below and get ready to enjoy the privilege of earning rewards.

  1. Check the Phone’s Compatibility

Mobile users won’t avail public mobile deals and other public mobile promotions if their phone isn’t compatible with the Public Mobile network. Clients can visit the Public Network site and check off their phones is compatible with the site’s network.

  1. Buy Your Public Mobile SIM Card

When a client’s phone is compatible with the network, buying a Public Mobile SIM card is essential.  Buyers can get a Public Mobile SIM card for only $10. Imagine the rewards and public mobile promotions that await you after you buy the SIM card.

  1. Activate the SIM Card

Last, don’t forget to activate the SIM card and be prepared with the big rewards you can get. Everyone is welcome to be part of Public Mobile and become a member.

With these simple steps, mobile users would also gain discounts. Yes, Public Mobile offers discounts to its members and much more.  Members need to enter the public mobile discount code, and they’re ready to gain rewards. So, come now and become a Public Mobile member! We hope you enjoyed our public mobile reviews. is not endorsed or affiliated with Trademarks, contents and logos are property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended.
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